Monday, December 10, 2012

20 Things From the First 20 Weeks

Sunday marked the halfway point in my pregnancy, WOOHOO!  As I'm not one to fill in the same survey week after week I thought I'd write down 20 things about my pregnancy thus far.

I've thrown up exactly ONE time, it was from a cheeseburger.
So far we have TWO outfits hanging in the closet for Baby Girl, TWO Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree...and one huge Hippo for good measure.

THREE people, not in my family, have touched my belly; a co-worker, the 70+ year old wife of a partner at my husband's law firm and a relative's relative...I didn't mind, but it was kind of weird. 
During my first trimester I was ready for a nap at FOUR every afternoon.
On FIVE different occasions we have gotten to see Baby Girl via ultrasound, one of the perks of being a doctor's child.
Currently we have SIX names on our list, still no firm decision.  We may go into delivery with a top two or three and decide when we see her.
We couldn't hold out like we tried to and told our families at SEVEN weeks, this was also when we got the first glimpse of our sweet baby.
Every week for the last EIGHT weeks I've taken a bump picture. Starting with week 12 in the red shirt on the left and ending with week 20 in the black dress, bottom right.

The NINE foods I can remember craving are: pickles, peppermint ice cream, oatmeal, Sour Patch Kids, buffalo sauce, tomatoes, baked chicken taquitos, cranberry sauce, broccoli salad and queso.
My friends and I had planned a girlfriends photo shoot when I was TEN weeks and I patiently waited until then to tell them so I could capture it.
August ELEVENth Baby Girl went to her first wedding, I didn't know she was there...and to be fair she probably didn't either :)
On no more than TWELVE separate occasions I was positive my hair was all going to fall out.  I always heard how thick and beautiful you hair would be while pregnant and mine fell out like I was going bald for 4 months.
September THIRTEENth was the date of my first doctor's appointment which was really just meeting with a nurse and confirming a positive pregnancy test...I had already taken three at that point :)
As of today I have FOURTEEN more shopping days until Christmas and all I want to do is register for baby gifts, buy little girl clothing and decorate the nursery.
It wasn't until week FIFTEEN that I felt like my belly popped out...FINALLY!  It also appears my "girls" exploded that week...maybe it was just the dress haha.
At least SIXTEEN times per day I think or talk about my sweet girl and I'm overcome with joy and thankfulness!
For SEVENTEEN weeks we really thought we were going to have a boy.
But, we found out Baby Hughes was a girl at EIGHTEEN weeks on November 30th.
August NINETEENth I took my very first, positive pregnancy test in a hotel in Puyallup, WA where I was staying for a cousin's wedding.
So, there are TWENTY things about my first TWENTY weeks of being pregnant and now I've got TWENTY maybe a little less, to go!


Tales of Our Journey said...

I LOVE this! I've got 8 weeks left and let me tell you, buying for a girl is SO much fun!!!

Court3ney said...

I am in LOVE with this post! so cute!